Monday, 28 April 2014

H&M +

I'm pretty sure the whole of Melbourne has been so excited about the arrival of H&M. I know this considering the line has been 20 meters long since the day it open three weeks ago! But the curvy girls are also even more excited because we have another shop to add to our labels that we can shop in that goes up from a size 12. Yes that's right H&M+ from size 14-24. Although some of us already were big online shoppers for H&M is awesome to now be able to go in to the shop and see what's there in person. I have been there a few times since it opened and I went and had another look today. When you first walk into the store H&M+ is on the right hand side. The clothes are all stylish and fashion forward with the latest trends being shown such as lots of leather look outfits and many colours such as maroon teal Greys and pinks. There were many pairs of pants including black work pants which was really good considering they are hard to find in plus size nowadays and they also had a wide variety of shirts. The only negatives I would have about the line is that it's very small, you will be able to see from the photos I post but I just wish they had of dedicated a bit more space for it. I also was slightly disappointed that there was not more dressy outfits majority of the stock was fairly casual or work wear there was only two dresses but they were black and they were more for day/work or drinks, there was no really pretty occasion dresses or anything more glitzy, like the many I saw in the non plus size section. Other than that I am excited that there's another place I can go to get plus size clothes and I'm hoping this is the start of Melbourne opening more stores that offer plus size. Bring it on! 

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