Saturday, 26 April 2014


TopShop Shelly Cutout Back Platforms

                   Topshop 'Scarlet' Snake Embossed Platform Sandal

Steve Madden Mightee Leather Biker Boot, Black

Wittner Avril Powder Pink Leather 

Wittner Kuma White Leather 

Wittner Tanya Black Leather 

 Wittner Future White Leather 

Jeffrey Campbell Flatform Trainer 

River Island Flatter 

Midas Ready Boot 

This is my winter shoe wish list! As you will probably realise over time that shoes are one of my biggest downfalls. I really do believe you can never have enough shoes, it's one of my favourite accessories and I love that a pair of shoes can completely change an outfit! These are a few of my favourite winter shoes from my favourite labels. Because I have a size 11 foot I find it difficult to find shoes so these are the main shops that stock my size but I can always rely on them to have fashion forward footwear too. By far my all time favourite show store is wittner I also love Midas, Steve Madden and top shop shoes and although people tend to go for the higher priced brands for shoes I have been known to find great stylish shoes from target I'm a form believer that there shoes are amazing and for that fact they go to a size 11. I also have a favourite store called Bared which make shoes to size 12 so anyone looking for bigger sized shoes that's a good place to check out! So I hope you can all get some winter shoe inspiration from my wish list!!! Get shoe shopping :)

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  1. Looking at your wish list is making me want to spend money...that I should be saving. Haha! Love the topshop platforms!