Monday, 28 July 2014

Florals & Pastels

When it comes to girly florals sometimes I find it hard to wear them, my styles a bit more edgy and I can't always pull off florals. In saying that, I fell in love with this Floral Blazer from Laura Ashley, it's not in stores till mid August but I was lucky enought to trial it, they go up to a 16 and depending on the fit they can be generous. I found this blazer to be more giving and I had plenty of room to move. I loved the colours in it, I'm a big fan of navy right now and with the softer pinks it's beautiful. The one thing you can always count on Laura Ashley for is their vintage styles and their amazing florals and patterns. 

I paired this blazer with a basic Laura Ashley tee in Navy and my new favourite purchase from wittner pastel pink and white loafers. They are the most comfortable shoe and I am obsessed with the pastel pink colour! They also come in grey and black. 

This weekender outfit is so cute, relaxed and stylish! I'm really finding my inner girly side! And I'm having so much fun with it! 

You can purchase this blazer in store or online from Laura Ashley in mid August! But check out the ready of their amazing collection.

And check out these amazing loafers at wittner in store or online now! They are too cute to pass up.

I also got a sneak peak at all the summer shoes coming out at wittner and I cannot wait, their is some amazing footwear to be had! I'll keep you all posted :)


Saturday, 26 July 2014

Simple spots!

Loving simple outfits at the moment. This outfit is one of my favourite's. Old faithful black jeans, loafers a blazer and a cute T-Shirt. This T-Shirt is in the new range at City Chic, it's so comfortable and doesn't stick to you its grey and black so it gives a laid back look but you can wear it dressy and causal. I know I'm going to get so much wear out of this top, it's also so good too if your traveling or going away for the weekend to just wear everyday, I'm hoping so much that they make these in different colours and patterns!! 

My black blazer is also from City Chic from the stock a couple of weeks ago, it's so simple and I love the high shoulders. It's great for the weekend but also looks stunning over a dress or corporate for work. It's perfect length and fit, definitely recommend to try it on! 

The loafers I'm wearing are from Big W I often turn to big w and target a lot because I have a size 11 foot and I know they got up to an 11 and also because I actually find their shoes incredibly comfortable. These loafers are so cheap  and I got them in a few in different colours, they match so many outfits! 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I recently heard about and stumbled across a Lingerie shop that i fell in love with and decided i had to tell all my readers about. This amazing lingerie shop is called Brava, they are located in Prahran, Highpoint shopping centre and collins street. 

Two ladies started this store in hope that they could help women like themselves who could never find properly fitting and nice bras higher than a C cup. They wanted to set there shop apart from the usual lingerie shopping experience and welcome all girls to a new place to find the perfect fiiting bra. I actually loved the store when i visited in Prahran, The women were amazing and friendly, the bras were so pretty and ranged from so so many sizes  starting from a 8 going up to 22 and ranging from a B-J. I felt comfortable and i felt as though i could try on everything without worrying about being plus size or not fitting into the lingerie. They also do a range of swimwear with many different brands which is great to see , i managed to try on a two piece set which i hadnt done for a little while and i loved it and the one piece set were very flattering to. 

In starting the store the girls aimed to make:

  • 40 high-quality, large cup lingerie and swimwear brands sourced worldwide
  • 20 friendly, warm, sensitive and passionate Bra Fitters who love lingerie and working with women
  • 3 relaxed and comfortable store settings

  • They cater for all women different shapes and sizes and have a wide range including: lingerie, swimwear, maternity, sports and bridal. 

    some of my favourites are below:

    check out the online store at or head in stores and visit them! 

    you will not regret it!

    Monday, 30 June 2014


    I'm absolutely frothing over the trend of Midi skirts at the moment. They are everywhere and i love it. There is monochrome ones, prints, shiny and sparkly, lace, striped pretty much every style you can think of and they are so full and pretty. I feel its a style i hadn't really ventured into until recently, i really wasn't sure the Midi skirt would suit me but the truth is i was going to make it part of my outfits this winter wether it did or didn't. I have seen so many amazing Midi skirts around, from Asos,, Dorothy Perkins, Mod cloth, the list goes on. For a lot of women wearing a middi skirt isn't on the list of things to do but i say everyone should try it.
    There are a few ways to wear a Midi skirt one thing i find is because theres so much of the leg covered i tend to wear a more revealing top for some this may be a crop top or just a singlet tucked in or a short cardi, this balances out the long length of the skirt. For ladies who are less willing to show some skin, a nice patterned top tucked into the skirt with a belt is cute, or still wear a cropped top or singlet but with a jacket or cardi over the top to make it more elegant and classy and less revealing  There is endless ways to style the gorgeous midi skirt and despite what they say these skirts are not just for leggy models, anyone can pull of this beautiful style with the right confidence and having a bit of fun with it. 

    I fell in love with Country Roads latest range and couldn't resist buying the new Midi Skirt, its fabric is beautiful and the style really suited my shape and height. If you have not checked out there latest seasons range, its a must. I paired the skirt with the amazing brand Zelie For She cropped top and Laura Ashley New Range Cardigan. I also accessorised the look with an amazing pair of yellow size 11 Miss Shop heels and a yellow Mimco Clutch. 

    White Crop Top:
    Black and White Cardigan:
    For some amazing bags check out 

    Other Midi Skirts i adore at the moment are 

    Country Road 

    Forever 21+

    Asos Curve 

    Asos Curve 

    Sunday, 29 June 2014

    Lime crime!!

    I have loved the make up brand Lime Crime for a very long time now. Not only because their make up is amazing but I also love how quirky the brand is. They also have such unique and fashion forward colours from the eyeliner, the lipgloss, the lipsticks and the eye shadows not to mention all the other unique accessories such as the z palette the brush protectors and the best brushes. 

    I love thier tag line "make up for girls that are unapologetically themselves" it's so true you can do anything with lime crime make up you can go classic and simple, you can go extravagant and crazy or you can go elegant and sexy. This make up allows you to play a role everyday and to be who you are and who you want to be. Some days I feel like using emerald green lipstick and some days I feel like being sexy with a red lip and dark eyes. Like crime never let's me down. 

    I am also in love with the fact that they are cruelty free and vegan. 

    Lime crime started in 2008 in America and it's their 6th anniversary this year! Which is exciting and they have released new packaging for it, I have been so use to ordering the make up online for ages but now a store has come to Melbourne Australia ! Hooray 

     It's located in Keilor! 

    Here's all my favourite make up at the moment!! 


    Sparkly eye glitter! 

    Lip balm! 


    Eye shadow Helper! 




    Brush protectors! 

    Z palette! Which allows you to take your favourite eye shadow palettes and put them in one palette storage space. 

    All the make up is wearable for day and night and stays on for ages. The eyeshadows are unreal and I can't not speak highly enough of the eyeshadow helper, it allows the eye shadow to stay on longer and it also brings the eyeshadow colour out more. I also wear their lipsticks everyday and they stay on and the colour is lasting. Just an amazing brand of make up all round!

    Monday, 23 June 2014

    What a weekend!


    Embody Denim Black Audrey Swing Jacket

    17 Sundays Afterglow black  t -shirt

    This weekend has truly been amazing! Firstly I would like to start of saying how amazing all women are! I'm so
    Inspired right now by all the beautiful women in this world and how no matter what size we are we all have amazing attributes! I'm feeling the love. I've learn so many things about myself and about women in one weekend it's incredible. 

    So as you may know I attended the Queen Of Curves- love your curves styling day at the westfield suite in Doncaster with the amazing Erica, her side kicks and the amazing group of women that attended. I went with my mum and suprised her with a ticket for a day out, I learnt many important things on this day that I had forgotten or just handnt realised before and Erica ( who is fricken amazing and beautiful) opened up so many doors and questions to all the ladies in the room that made us re evaluate our thoughts not only about ourselves but other women. 

    For one it really struck me hard to think about the way women treat other women, we all should be supporting each other and helping grow this world in to a loving place. I realised that for myself I sometimes am quick to put myself down and winge about what I want and what I don't have but i forgot how there is some amazing attributes to me. We walked into the room on Saturday not really knowing any of the other women in the room and by the end of the day we all felt like friends like we had known each other for ages, we were complimenting each other and expressing how beautiful each other was and it felt so lovely and it was time out for ourselves to feel good! As women we should always unite as one and be there for each other. 

    Secondly I learnt not to be afraid to be confident, I think I have always worried that having confidence might come across as being cocky but it's not, feeling good about the way you look and how you present yourself isn't a crime, every women should be able to say I'm amazing, I'm beautiful and I deserve the best for me. The amazing thing Erica said was that often we compliment others on what we see in ourselves and I have started to realise this is true. We all deserve self love at any size! 

    I also discovered how important connections are, having a day out with my best friend/ mum was incredible. We hardly spend time like that together and to have a whole day to hang out was amazing and I just realised how strong our connection is and how much she means to me! 

    I strongly urge anyone who's thinking of going to the Queen Of Curves events, DO IT! You will feel amazing, beautiful, fulfilled and inspired! Its a day of celebratin women celebrating your size finding out about yourself and a bit of shopping of course! I got a few items from 17 sundas and Embody Demin that are beautiful! And I was able to try different styles and experiment with things I probably would never put on. 

    Also you discover what your shape is! I'm an apple and I'm proud of it!! 

    Take a look at the amazing Queen of curves website:

    Also Follower @thequeenofcurves on Instagram and also head to the Facebook page and become friends so you can find out when the next events are!! 

    Beautiful Weatfield Doncaster styling suite! I wish this was my bedroom, it's such a beautiful space! 

    Classic selfie with Erica! 

    The Queen Of curves leader Erica!! 

    My Beautiful mother and Erica! 

    I'm an Apple!! 

    17 Sundays After Glow T Shirt

    Blue Illusion necklaces!