Monday, 28 April 2014

Finding Plus Size Occasion Dresses

The hardest thing sometimes when your plus size is to find formal and occasion dresses! Ofcourse there's City Chic and Dream Diva who have some amazing occasion dresses that fit beautifully! But sometimes I just want to wear different brands or different kinds of gowns. In the hunt for looking for a dress for my cousins wedding I have been searching for more places that do plus size formal wear. I have found a few places online that do amazing plus size formal wear such as: 

These are just a few! But even better I discovered two brands in the city that went up higher than a 14.

The first one was in Myer it's called Montique it's a very stylish formal wear brand and has a lot of girly colours and uses a lot of silk and lace. This label goes from size 8-20 and both the dresses I tried on fit me very well, some of them were even generous. If you can check out the brand it's worth while, they have some beautiful gowns, can be for weddings, bridesmaids mother of the bride and formal occasions. The prices were reasonable for handmade beautiful dresses ranging from $200 and higher.




The other beautiful brand I found that also goes up to a size 20 was a brand in David jones that orginally came from the UK. There sizes were a bit smaller but still some of the dresses were generous and fit well. The label is called Phase Eight, they have the most stunning and elegant gowns that are made so beautifully. Majority of there dresses are made from stretch materials so they have room in them. They have many dresses that are statement dresses and have a lot of glitz on them, they are amazing. 




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